Non-Profit Application

If your organization is interested in partnering with us in 2019 to throw a Party with a Purpose, fill out the link below by FEBRUARY 11, 2019.

to raise awareness, money, get volunteers, etc...
Is there a particular time of year that you would prefer for your event to take place?
Check all that apply
**Please note this does not guarantee the event date.
(Location should accommodate up to 200 attendees) If yes, where? Who is your contact with the venue?
Please note their title. *It is required that the organization provide a planning committee of at least 3 people in addition to the lead planner.
The Asheville Affiliates helps each non-profit that we serve by 1) Assisting to help to find a venue for each event  2) helping to find catering options for the event (donated in full or most through sponsorship)  3) providing beer and wine (donated in full through sponsorship)  4) helping to secure raffle/auction prizes where applicable/if necessary  5) providing a two-person committee from our board of directors specifically assigned to each event.  *
**This committee guides each non-profit chosen through the event. There are specific guidelines for the event that each non-profit must follow with regards to the number of volunteers provided and the raffle/auction. These guidelines will be discussed in full with each non-profit and an agreement signed prior to both parties agreeing to work together on an event. Please note that your non-profit will incur some initial expense for this event. Your non-profit will be responsible for securing liability insurance, alcohol permits and other incidental expenses. Based on past events, The Asheville Affiliates estimate these total expenses to range from $1,000 to $1,500 depending on the type of liability insurance your non-profit requires. Please make sure that your non-profit is able to commit to these initial expenses prior to completing this application. Do you understand the process and responsibilities?
Does your organization have funds, or the ability to raise at least $1,500 in funds for the planning of the event? *
If so, could you please describe
How many people or businesses do you have on your contact list for email and/or US mail? *